Werewords by Ted Alspach, from Bezier Games

The Game

Werewords by Ted Alspach, from Bezier Games

The Mayor has found a Magic Word. If everyone says it together, the Werewolves will be driven from your village forever!

However, the power of this Magic Word has rendered your Mayor speechless; he may only answer yes/no questions with tokens.

Your Seer knows the Magic Word, but she must hide from the Werewolves already among you. And somehow, those dastardly Werewolves also know it, and want to stop you from learning it.

A Werewolf howls in the distance. You have only four minutes to discover the Magic Word, protect your Seer, and save your village!

Contents: 12 role cards on thick, sturdy tiles, 36 Yes/No tokens, 10 Maybe tokens, 1 So Close token, 1 Correct token, and a concise rulebook that will get you up and playing in minutes.